Good Capital for Epic Companies


We're builders at the intersection of technology and market opportunity. Our 36-dimensional scoring system brings quantitative scoring to every deal.

GOOD People

We understand that great teams build great companies. We seek the best teams and make them better.

GOOD Capital

We're multi-stage capital partners. Our process and partnerships accelerate Time to Capital.


  • We’re Builders

    We love building epic companies with great people!

  • We Guide

    The ‘on-the-job’ learning curve is steep, and failure is expensive.

  • We CARE

    Our team mitigates risk and accelerates capital.

Who we serve...

  • Ventures

    Prime – Online program for founder funding readiness.

    Elite/Capital – Master Programs for accelerated funding (application).

    Founder Fellowship – community support available to graduates of either program.

  • Investors

    Deal Flow – Offer regular deal flow to our private investor network.

    Due Diligence – Provide risk and opportunity scoring from a team of experts.


Emerging Growth Capital + Operational Leverage


OUR Process

deal intake scoring

Initial due diligence, market research, team review, deal scoring across 36 dimensions.

deal diligence

Due diligence, Term Sheet negotiations and close.

capital program

Funding readiness, System & Operational Readiness for scale Valuation analysis.

story development

Digital Asset Development.

funding program

Capital raise within partner ecosystem.


Deal review

Initial due diligence, market research, team review, deal scoring across 36 dimensions, intake and post-program scoring.

  • Deal Value

    Assessment of deal value based on a history of 255,000 companies.

  • Deal Risk

    Quantitative review in 19 dimensions; assessment of risk across dimensions of deal risk.

Client Feedback

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